Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Redeeming light from Sun, rain, snow and fire,
DIME: who put in the month of October
seed or grain of time, sowing calm?
Who with hard wood and fire, zeal
Avid troje hopes, dreams of proclamation?
Is and if hope of life and love still possible
When opening the glamour of the day perceived
purpurea it Temperance in the afternoon?

Willow, if still other consented to the rivera,
Let me happens to you for a brief moment,
I would like to be your green frond, the assortment of
endorsed leaves by long branches and hanging.
Your shadow and rhymes, see me I pleased
in a vast meadow full of endless greenery,
fully cherished by the air of the Levant
and comforted of inspiration when I meditate.
Animated twilight of echoes, sones and reflections
between outline of misting with Bridal Veil,
Messenger pigeon that victorious will kissing
and adding notes of color to sing encouraged
by the natal lap of your pleasant silence.

Tell me: who are now bringing in October,
wheat flower and dream of peace? Who?

Who love of wood and fire?
even in your Avid troje proclamation?